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Re: PHP License for PHP Group packages

> While we are at fixing the PHP license for PHP Group software, we
> should try and fix the additional issues that appear as soon as
> someone applies the PHP license to software that is not PHP itself,
> nor PHP Group software...

Just to be clear on what is going on here, no one here at Debian
convinced the PHP Group to update the PHP License to address our
concerns. Rather, it was Pierre Joye, a member of the Pear Group, who
graciously reacted to Debian bug #332607 by taking this issue up with
the PHP Group.

After hearing all of our complaints about the still imperfect PHP
License, Pierre said the following:

   "Thanks, I hardly discussed those points with Rasmus, Derick and
   other people there. These changes reflect the maximum they will ever
   do. I will not ask more changes, it will bring way too much troubles
   on my back." [1]

In other words, what we have gotton so far was only achieved through
some smooth insider work by Pierre, and he has done all that he can do.
And what he achieved was certainly due to his position in the PHP

Thanks again Pierre for your help in slowly improving the PHP Licence.


 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/11/msg00324.html

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