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Re: Firefox/Thunderbird trademarks: a proposal

MJ Ray wrote:
Gervase Markham <gerv@mozilla.org> wrote:
[...] But I don't think completing this process needs to be a requirement for working out the remaining issues.

I agree with this.  I do think it's a requirement for going forwards
once any compromise is worked out.

Sure. That's why it's in the document :-)

I'm sceptical that
it will be done quickly, because one still has to hack to get firefox
builds running on multi-user systems and that's been a critical known
bug for some time.

So, by simple extrapolation, all important Mozilla bugs take six months to fix? ;-)

It's the Mozilla's project choice to deny unregistered access to the
summary bug statistics.

To be honest (and I wrote the code in Bugzilla which does the reporting), that's more to prevent anonymous DOS, because they are very processor intensive. If you want to see them and don't want a Bugzilla account, I hope it wouldn't be too difficult to use a disposable address.

That bug is one which primarily impacts Unix-like systems and is pretty
severe for distributors, which is a similar profile to our branding
one. I know it's not a robust B.L.U.E. statistic, but it's all I've got
right now.  Making a silly comment is not a very strong argument either.

What would you like me to say? "Oh, yes, I'll get right on it"? I'm afraid I have neither the clout nor the technical skill to fix that particular bug.


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