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Re: Firefox/Thunderbird trademarks: a proposal

MJ Ray wrote:
At the moment, it has bugs. For example, it took a damn sight
longer than 10 minutes (excluding new graphics) and still
the blasted about: screen calls itself Firefox/1.0,

It gets that from the UserAgent string, I believe. Set the pref general.useragent.override to override it, or general.useragent.<foo> to change various bits.

We've committed to a good-faith effort to making the process easy and documenting it. As evidence that this is not just talk, we present the fact that Netscape rebrands Mozilla/Firefox for its own releases. I can also show you bugs from the past in our bug system which say "X is not rebrandable" and which have been fixed, showing our attitude to such issues. We are looking at allocating resource to fix any remaining ones.

Is this enough to continue the discussion without getting stuck on this point?


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