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Re: Firefox/Thunderbird trademarks: a proposal

MJ Ray wrote:
Should I set this in browserconfig.properties or what?

about:config in your built and running copy, or one of the default preferences files (not sure which) in the source. This probably isn't the correct fix, but it's one that'll work. I mentioned it merely for information; I'm not planning to develop the instructions document by interactive trial-and-error with you on debian-legal ;-)

I think
you're asserting 10 minutes, but that might only be the case with
intimate knowledge of the source tree.

Or, perhaps, a document describing how the process is done? :-) I'm certainly not asserting that someone can download a Mozilla source tarball and, without reading any docs, figure out in 10 minutes how to rebrand it entirely.

Is this enough to continue the discussion without getting stuck on this point?

Of course. I'm just pointing out that this process is nowhere near done
and you should not lead people to believe otherwise.

I don't think I did. I said that we'd write the document, and work to fix any issues which made it harder than it needs to be. But I don't think completing this process needs to be a requirement for working out the remaining issues.

I'm sceptical that
it will be done quickly, because one still has to hack to get firefox
builds running on multi-user systems and that's been a critical known
bug for some time.

So, by simple extrapolation, all important Mozilla bugs take six months to fix? ;-)


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