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Re: Firefox/Thunderbird trademarks: a proposal

Walter Landry wrote:

> There is a difference between "simple as possible" and "undue burden".
> It may turn out that as simple as possible is still hard.  If it were
> phrased something like
>   To change the name, the Mozilla foundation will find it sufficient
>   to change only the single instance of the name in branding.txt.
> then I would be happy.

It's not far off that. You should only have to change it in fingers-of-two-hands places at most; anything else is a bug. And we've committed to documenting the exact procedure. Remember, Netscape did this regularly to make Netscape releases, so we are set up for this. I talked to the other licensing guy at the Foundation tonight; we are going to look at getting someone to confirm and document the process.

Given a source tarball, I would estimate 10 minutes work - perhaps a bit more if there's a graphic or two with the word Firefox in it to replace, and you count the time making new graphics. Hopefully, that's easy enough. :-)


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