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Re: "Common software" (was: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal)

On Sun, Sep 14, 2003 at 10:16:59PM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> It is nice in French, too, and it carries the memory of many important
> historical events ("La Commune" was the name of the first elected
> public body in Paris during the French Revolution).

But in the U.S., the term is associated with the activities of "dirty

Do not underestimate the amount of knee-jerk hysteria associated with
anything that smacks of socialism or communism in the United States.
(For that matter, never underestimate the amount of knee-jerk hysteria
in the U.S. generally.)

In U.S. culture, I think one will always make more headway with the
"freedom" meme than with the "communitarian" meme.  Furthermore, we[1]
vastly prefer the illegitimate exercise of corporate power to the
illegitimate exercise of state power.  I suspect, though I am not sure,
that this results from a confusion of the so-called "Protestant work
ethic" with the pecuniary successes of captialist tycoons.  That every
wealthy person in America has "earned" his money though personal merit
and hard work is a myth that you challenge at your peril.[2]

We're getting off-topic for -legal...

[1] speaking for the ignorant masses that watch Fox News, not for myself
    nor, most likely, a majority of Debian developers in the U.S.[3]
[2] Which is, of course, perfectly consistent with the Bush
    administration's and its "neo-conservative" puppet masters' efforts
    to completely repeal state taxes, and both Democratic and Republican
    support for perpetual copyrights.  It's awfully hard work opening the
    envelopes from the bank reporting the deposit of royalties earned by
    one's ancestors.
[3] though it is known that Ben Collins claims to have voted for George
    W. Bush -- tee hee

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