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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

On Monday, Sep 8, 2003, at 16:12 US/Eastern, Andrew Suffield wrote:

How is that unambiguously non-free under DFSG 1? DFSG clearly speaks
only of the license.

The subject under discussion is a license which prohibits distribution
on DRM media.

The GPL prohibits us from distributing Debian on orange peels or probably even punch cards, because that's not "on a medium customarily used for software interchange."

Certain "restrictions" on selling/giving away aggregate software distributions are OK with DFSG 1. One common example is that we must also give away source.

I think the way that the GFDL currently attempts to prohibit DRM is non-free. I can't think of a wording that would prohibit DRM and still be free. However, I don't think DFSG 1 says DRM must be allowed.

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