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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Anthony DeRobertis  schrieb/wrote:
> I think the way that the GFDL currently attempts to prohibit DRM is
> non-free. I can't think of a wording that would prohibit DRM and still
> be free. However, I don't think DFSG 1 says DRM must be allowed.

DRM is incompatible with the goal of DFSG 1: It's just that DRM does not  
put a legal restriction on the redistribution (as covered DFSG 1) but a  
technical one (which is often protected by laws such as the DCMA, EUCD  
or WCT).
Just as DFSG 1 does not say that you can't have a licence that outlaws  
further restrictions imposed by a stricter licence (which would make  
Copyleft and the GPL non-free) it does not, IMO, say that you can't  
outlaw similar restrictions imposed by DRM.

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