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Re: Combining proprietary code and GPL for in-house use

Scripsit Thomas Bushnell, BSG

> By "friend" I mean someone who wants the GPL strong.

Then I'm not a friend. I'm someone who wants as much code code
in this world as possible to be reuseable by anyone. To the extent
that GPL works against this goal, I don't care particularly by
its hurt feelings.

The goal "the entire world must use MY license" is not one I support.
The goal "the code I wrote shall stay free" is an admirable one which
I do support. The GPL reaches that goal excellently even though it
doesn't do everything the bad gyus may wish it to do.

> Now suppose there is a flaw in the GPL.  In that case, a friend would
> want the flaw fixed, quickly and quietly,
> An enemy, by contrast, would publicize the flaw as widely as
> possible.  

You seem to be advocating security by obscurity. That's not usually
the free-software way of doing things. The free-software way to fix
bugs is to be open about them.

Henning Makholm         "Khanivore is climbing out of its life-support pod."

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