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Re: Combining proprietary code and GPL for in-house use

On 28 Jun 2001, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

>John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> writes:
>> >I would assume that Hoffman is also aware that he's not a developer.
>> >Why is it supposed to alienate someone to remind them that certain
>> >lists are primarily for the use of developers, not users?
>> Because they aren't.
>Maybe you should go read lists.debian.org again.

Hrm.  I'm trying to figure out how you can quote something without reading
it.................................................you know, I just can't
feature it.

>>    There are many world-open mailing lists, meaning anyone can read
>>    everything that is posted, and participate in the discussions.
>>    Everyone is encouraged to help development of Debian and to spread the
>>    word of free software.
>But not everyone is encouraged to snipe or do things which hurt our

Only DD's are encourged to do things to hurt the project, obviously.  My

>> I can just see it now.  T:"who are you?"  C:"None of your business"
>> T:"no, I mean it, who are you" C:"your worst nightmare if you don't quit
>> asking questions"...
>Is that a threat?  Who are you?  Who are you?

Take it as you will.  But if you see this as anything other than a repeat
of your "party scene" you're a bigger fool than I thought.

>> >And what we want is: what the name is that everyone else knows you
>> >by.
>> John Galt.  All of my friends also get emailed from this address.  In
>> fact, so does my connected family.
>And that's everyone?  What's on your drivers' license?  What's on your

Why do you need to know my DL information?

>college records?  When employers send you checks, who do they make

Why do you need to know my college information?

Why do you need to know ANYTHING about what my employer puts on my checks?

>them out to?  That's what the world means by "name", and that's all

Yeah, but on the three documents you mentioned, if they gave you anything
off them, I'd be righteously pissed.  In every case above, it's illegal to
provide information from them without my permission.  You don't have the
permission, nor will you get it.

>I'm asking.  It's not some bizarre thing, it's a normal thing.

It IS some bizarre thing.  If someone gave you a copy of any of the three
documents you referenced above without my permission, they'd be in a world
of trouble, and they might even be in court.

>> You see?  Your key name isn't the same one on your BC.  For shame!
>But Thomas *is* my legal name.  No shame in changing one's name, which
>is an entirely different matter from hiding one's name.

Is it?  Often legal name changes are successful pseudonyms.  How many
Hollyweird names are actually legally changed?

>> Then why didn't you say that?  You accused Hoffman of not being a
>> friend.
>I said that his actions were potentially harmful to the Project and
>asked for clarification about his motives.  He seems to have lost

I can't understand why...  It couldn't be because of your "not a friend"


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