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Suspend to disk?

I'm experimenting with powersaved and uswsusp and not having much luck
with either.

Trying to suspend to disk with powersave -U results in a message that I
need to add a 'resume=...' to the kernel commandline and reboot.  Then
it advises to check the documentation which is rather mum and nowhere
do I find the suggested SUSPEND2DISK_SKIP_RESUME_CHECK option so I can
set it to "yes".

So, I then tried the s2disk program from the uswsusp package and it
suspended to the swap partition without complaint.  When I powered the
machine back up using the same kernel as when I suspended it, it booted
normally except that it couldn't find a swap signature on my swap
partition.  Well, duh, my suspended image was there!  So, I would up
doing a mkswap and swapon -a to restore it.

So, one method won't suspend and the other won't resume.  Go figure!  I
understand that I probably need to pore through the docs more, but the
uswsusp.conf file is deceptively short.

Not that it matters right now, but this is on a Thinkpad T23 with 800
MiB of swap and 768 MiB of RAM.  As of the latest experiments I'm
running an ancient 2.6.18-4-686 kernel on Sid and I plan to install the
latest 2.6.22 shortly.  I do use the Debian packaged kernels.

- Nate >>

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