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Re: Trying Debian?

Christopher Barry said...
> I've been using debian
> since it *came out*, and would never use anything else on a server.

I concur.

> For
> my laptop, however, I have just discovered ubuntu, which is essentially
> debian with a focus on the desktop/laptop user, and it absolutely rocks.
> It discovered my centrino wireless during installation and set my
> widescreen resolution (Dell D810) up out of the box. Everything - sound,
> usb, wireless, etc. just worked. Definitely the best laptop linux I have
> ever used. (and it's still really debian, so I don't feel like a
> traitor...;)

I've decided to do the same on my laptops. Trying to keep modems, 
wireless drivers, video drivers, kernels, yada yada all working 
concurrently is a little too painful in Debian - at least, at my pain 
threshold. Once you've seen it all Just Work, it's hard to ignore. I've 
also lost patience with the blocks in testing that affect me.

Lest we forget: there is only one choice on servers - the Big D.


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