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Re: Trying Debian?

Christopher Barry wrote:
> First, top-posting is frowned upon.

And not-deleting non-essential parts of the previous message as well.

> That said, I've been using debian 
> since it *came out*, and would never use anything else on a server. For
> my laptop, however, I have just discovered ubuntu, which is essentially
> debian with a focus on the desktop/laptop user, and it absolutely rocks.

To the original poster: I believe that difference between distributions on
the level we are talking now (how to make sound work?) is really not
important. However, one thing to note, I am not sure what is the situation
now in RedHat world, but compilation of kernel is in Debian not that big
deal, because of make-kpkg. I mean, I do not want to say, that you cannot
compile kernel in FC*, but in Debian (and *ubuntu, etc.) it is so easy!


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