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Re: Trying Debian?

* marc <gmane@auxbuss.com> [2005 Nov 23 09:01 -0600]:
> Johan van der Meer said...
> > Is it, for someone fairly new to linux, feasable to install Debian on
> > a laptop?
> It's feasible, and likely to be an adventure.

Or not much of an adventure at all, see below.

> Also, be prepared to compile your own kernel and a few 
> drivers/utilities. You might not need these, but don't be surprised if 
> you do.

I have an IBM T42.

I used the Debian Netinstall image for Sarge and immediately bumped up
to Unstable.  Configuring Xorg worked the first time, the built-in
Ethernet adaptor worked at boot up, ACPI was detected, etc.  The WiFi
adaptor is Atheros based supported by Madwifi.  Instructions on building
the driver against the Debian kernel can be found at:


Likewise, the modem can supported by Linuxant or the slmodem package
(slmodem uses an ALSA module that seems broken on the T42's hardware). 
Building these drivers did require installing the proper kernel source
package and configuring it using the /boot/config* file for the running
kernel, but did NOT require building a new kernel.

- Nate >>

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