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Re: Trying Debian?

Johan van der Meer wrote:

I have both Knoppix and Kubuntu.

Also i've tried CentOS, and it's the only distro that actually managed to install itself without hanging up the system. However the resolution can't be set right (to 1280x800).

I've just tried SuSE 10 :-( After the install, it didn't detect the monitor as it should, and now I''m stuck with a black screen. Booting failsafe, running yast (the setup tool), and selecting 'monitor' also produced a black screen :-/. So much for SuSE. Maybe I'm quittng too soon, but i don't really like suse that much, and I was willing to give it a shot only if it detected my hardware all in one go :-)

So now I'm really thinking of going with Debian (and go on the adventure...). I've heard from a friend (who is a sysadmin and a linux geek, and gave me Kubuntu and Knoppix) that Debian has the better software support and online community. Is that true?

Should I try out Kubuntu, or Knoppix? I have Kubuntu 5.04 and Knoppix 3.8


On 11/23/05, *marc* <gmane@auxbuss.com <mailto:gmane@auxbuss.com>> wrote:

    Johan van der Meer said...

    > Is it, for someone fairly new to linux, feasable to install
    Debian on
    > a laptop?

    It's feasible, and likely to be an adventure.

    > To give you an idea on how my linux skills are:
    > I have an Acer Aspire 1692, and in trying out different distro's
    > upon the following things:

    Search for as many howto and install docs for your specific model
    as you
    can and inwardly digest them.

    > Would Debian be THE choise for me, or should I rather go with
    SUSE (or
    > another distribution)?

    One of the benefits of Debian is that you can take advantage of
    built upon Debian. I don't think that I'm alone in using Knoppix to
    assist with installation difficulties. Also handy is (K)Ununtu.

    One other point, it is likely that you will have to move away from
    stable, which brings with it possible problems of its own. With the
    current state of testing, this might not be a great time to start on
    this adventure.

    Also, be prepared to compile your own kernel and a few
    drivers/utilities. You might not need these, but don't be surprised if
    you do.


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You can try Kanotix, I was pleased (base: Debian / sid and system - Knoppix)

/ Jiri

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