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Re: Power-Button

Op di 16-11-2004, om 16:37 schreef Andreas Tille: 
> I guess and hope they are loaded automatically.  I do not know the
> modules names but some of the modules which are printed by lsmod
> sound very similar.  Would you think it is a bad idea to use ACPI
> in modules?

I guess not, but I just didn't know for sure they were being loaded.

> > Can you do a grep ACPI dmesg?
> ACPI: Power Button (FF) [PWRF]

That kind of conflicts with an earlier question:
KV: > Do you have something like 'ACPI: Power Button (FF) [PWRF]' in
AT: No.

So, the module is being loaded, no problem there. I'm out of new ideas

> > I think it's more of an ACPI issue than a kernel-specific thing,
> Well, the kernel sources come with ACPI - thus my short cut it's the
> kernel (in contrast to SwSusp2).

Sure, but if you're going to ask on the kernel list, they probably just
point you to the ACPI list. Just like ALSA stuff.

> Well, I now call hibernate when closing the lid and found out that opening
> the lid restarts the box and when using an alternate grub menu.list this
> nearly works as good as suspend to ram.  So why should I whine. :)

If the manual says that it can do it, I always have to prove that by
actually doing it.


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