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Re: Power-Button

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Koen Vermeer wrote:

- The Debian repository you mentioned does not seem to contain the 1.00
version of the hibernate script, which is required for the 2.1.5 version
of swsusp2.
This is what I wanted to express when I wrote I used the package source
to build packages for 1.00.  (Just note that I'm a Debian developer and
know how to build packages - in principle. ;-))

- Let the acpi daemon log all events. Then, you can see what the string
looks like when you press the power button. In my case, it already logs
all events in /var/log/acpid.
Well, this is also logged for me in the same place, but pressing the
power button does not create an entry in this file.

The kernel has nothing do to with this, so
you probably won't find anything in the kernel source.
Quoting /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn more completely:

   # We need to react on "button power.*" and "button/power.*" because
   # of kernel changes.

   event=button[ /]power

So if kernel changes had influence on acpi configuration in the past
I think it could happen also now.

Kind regards



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