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I just compiled Kernel 2.6.9 (from Debian source packages) with the additional
patches for SoftwareSuspend2
and Centrino WLAN
Both patches applied fine and compiled without any problems.  I'm currently
unable to test the wireless because there is no hotspot around.

I also used the latest version of the hibernate scripts
and used the package source from
    deb-src http://cp.yi.org/apt/hibernate /
to build Debian packages for the latest version.  BTW, is there any reason
that this is not moved to an official Debian package?

Calling /usr/bin/hibernate explicitely works fine with the slight and
ignorable exception that the X screen is sometimes scrambled and I just have
to press a key / move the mouse to get it right - kind of a strange screen
saver. :)

Unfortunately I'm not able to call hibernate via the power button.  I'm using
the latest acpid which has a script /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn which says:

   event=button[ /]power

For debugging issues I used

   echo "`date`: Power-Button pressed" >> /var/log/lid.log

in my /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh script before calling

   sudo /usr/sbin/hibernate

but not even this log entry is written and thus I assume that the event
was renamed.  I tried to browse the kernel source but did not found
something helpful.  The lid button works fine with


and a similar debugging line.

Any hint what might went wrong here?

Kind regards



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