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Re: Power-Button

Op di 16-11-2004, om 14:45 schreef Andreas Tille:
> $grep -i -e suspend -e acpi /boot/config-2.6.9

Just asking the obvious: Have you tried loading these modules or are
they loaded in the boot process automatically? Can you do a grep ACPI

> and in fact I've got the known effect of shutting down monitor, stopping the
> hard-disk and the well known <beep>-<beep> sound at the end.  A good sign that
> the box is not comletely switched of is that the battery status display is not
> switched off.   The only problem is that it did not came back after pressing
> the power button.

Same here. It seems to go into some sleep state, but it doesn't get out
of it. Some laptops have issues with the video card not coming back to
life after suspend-to-ram, but in my (and apparently your) case, it's
worse. AFAIK, ACPI is still under active development, so I'm hoping that
one day, it 'just works'.

> I had the same effect when I was using the powernowd package.  I guess it also
> issued a suspend-to-ram event after a certain time of no user interaction because
> the behaviour was absolutely the same.  That's why I deinstalled powernowd.

Sounds like the same thing. Doing something like 'echo mem >
/sys/power/state' will probably have the same effect.

> I guess this is a problem of the Kernel but I'm not sure how to report this and
> if people suspect cooncidences with SwSusp2.

I think it's more of an ACPI issue than a kernel-specific thing,
although it may be that some driver is doing bad things. Look at the
ACPI site to find if there is a fixed DSDT for your laptop. You may be

The thing with ACPI is that there needs to be interaction between the
BIOS and the OS. Most vendors apparently only make sure that the BIOS
plays nice with some other OS.


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