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Re: Power-Button

Op di 16-11-2004, om 13:18 schreef Andreas Tille:

> > OK, sorry for that. Note that the hibernate script actually is in the
> > official Debian repository, but it is 0.99-1 for both testing and
> > unstable.
> Uhm - thanks for the hint - don't know why I missed this ...
> > Do you have something like 'ACPI: Power Button (FF) [PWRF]' in dmesg?
> No.

Can you show the ACPI options in your .config file and the ACPI stuff
from dmesg? (I don't know all the details, but I do know it works on my
relatively new laptop and on a rather old one. So, it's like 'spot the
10 differences'.)

> > I'm not sure it's needed, but it probably won't hurt either. Do you get
> > other acpi events in your acpid log?
> Yes.
> (See other mails on the list - we could also swithc this discussion back
> to the list - other people might also have failed to detect the hibernate
> package like me - or no, nobody else is so stupid. ;-) )

Sorry, my bad. I didn't reply off-list intentionally. It's back to the
list now. I didn't remove any quotes to let others catch up.

> > Regarding the suspend-to-ram: You can try to have swsusp2 use S3. Maybe
> > it just works...
> Sorry for my ignorance, but what is S3 and how can I tell swsusp2 to use this?

S3 is ACPI slang for suspend-to-ram. In the config file of the hibernate
script, there is an option to tell swsusp2 how to 'shut down'. It can be
3 (suspend-to-ram), 4 (suspend-to-disk) or 5 (off). Look for
'PowerdownMethod' in hibernate.conf. You can also try the
UseSysfsPowerState option. Like I said, the last time I tried, I
couldn't get suspend-to-ram to work. For more details on swsusp2, try
their mailinglist (softwaresuspend-help@lists.berlios.de).


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