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Re: OT: Help needed for disassembling Toshiba Satellite 5100-603

Hi Paul,

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 12:45:25PM -0400, PaulNM wrote:
> Jan T. Kim wrote:

> >Unfortunately, I didn't find anything like a stuck fan which I could
> >fix, and the system still seems to have graphics problems. I'll now
> >put everything back together again, and if that doesn't "magically"
> >repair the thing (any suggestions for the preferred moon phase for doing
> >this? ;-)  ), I'll probably have to look into getting a replacement.

> I was so focused on the "take laptop apart" question that I missed the 
> part about the video.  My laptop has a similar problem that has gone 
> progressivly worse. Have you tried connecting a monitor to the video 
> out? I've found that the problem (for me) is with the actual lcd sreen 
> or connections and not the video card since it doesn't appear on other 
> monitors.

With my machine, the LCD video and the CRT video look exactly the same.
Moreover, in console mode, weird and broken looking characters (sometimes
coloured, without any reason) scroll off as I press return (when using
a shell).

I think that the video RAM is broken, therefore.

Well, my last hope is that the machine gets back to normal after
reassembly, if it doesn't, my trust in the system will be damaged too
much, so I'll start looking into getting a new laptop.

Greetinx, Jan
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