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Re: Help, i screw up my xmms...

I've actually also messed up my xmms... for me it can't play more than one file at a time... i.e. I have multiple mp3's in my playlist, I have "play random" selected... I press play, the first mp3-file is plaied, when that file have been plaied, the thing stops and I have to press next, then it randomizes another file and play that to the end, then I have to play next and so on. But! when I have repeat but not random it will keep playing the file continuously. I would now come to the conclusion that "Aha! random + repeat should work!" but it doesn't... so, I tried without random, but still... just one file at the time and then I have to hit next.

Any suggestions?


I just did a mplayer build, after installed it, i cannot start xmms.
The error:

libmikmod.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72:
_dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <=
_rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed!

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