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[OT] Laptop in a pannier bag?


	I know it's a little off topic, but if you use Debian on a laptop, you must 
be a little "geeky".  I go to work every day with my byke ane my laptop in a 
backpak.  It is a little hot and the laptop have a lots of stress since my 
back is "round" while pedalling.  I would like to put my laptop (it's realy 
mine, not the cie one) in a pannier (rear side bag for the byke), but I don't 
know if it is good for the laptop.  I live in Montreal and the roads are 
better in Arfganistan after a US bombing...  So i'd like to know if any of 
you ever put a laptop in that kind a byke and still have it (in working 

	Also if you have any suggestion to carry safely my laptop, I'd like to know 

	Nic Cola
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