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Re: using a beamer: resolution?

Le 12550ième jour après Epoch,
David Fokkema écrivait:

> On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 05:45:14PM +0200, François TOURDE wrote:
>> Le 12550ième jour après Epoch,
>> David Fokkema écrivait:
>> > Hi group,
>> >
>> >>From time to time, I use a beamer on my external VGA port of my laptop.
>> > My laptop TFT panel has a resolution of 1400x1050 pixels but the beamer
>> > has a resolution of only 800x600. However, it can support 1024x768 using
>> > software scaling. Right now I have to edit my XF86Config-4 by hand and
>> > then restart my X server. The problem is that X does recognize the
>> > beamer on the external port and does switch back to a lower resolution,
>> > but the viewport stays at 1400x1050, not very handy. Does anybody know
>> > of an easy solution?
>> Don't tell us what laptop, what video card, etc.
>> Let us guess. It will be easier.
> Please be cynical. It will make me more eager to let you guess.
> Seriously, though, this is not hardware related. It is not really a
> problem either. Right now, I edit my XF86Config-4 to switch resolutions.
> I know of ctrl-+, but that won't change my viewport, which really is the
> problem.

Ok, if you're sure you can't resolve the problem with hardware
specific options, no problem.

Just some infos:

On my laptop, using GeForce4 hardware, i've tried numbers of
solutions, mixing hard (driver) and soft ones, and hards one were the

Some guidelines:

- Multiple X servers: one for the TFT, and the other for VGA out.

- Check if Twinview is available for you, respecting multi resolution
  modes (It works for me, but I choose next option)

- Try to configure multiple screens on your card (not twinview mode).

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