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Re: ACPI suspend/resume

> So, last I checked, Linux ACPI didn't support suspend to memory or
> suspend to disk; the software suspend patch is the only way to get an
> ACPI laptop to do anything resembling sleeping. I was also under the

Sleeping (i.e. S1) worked fine here some months ago, but i didn't try
recently. I'm fine with shutting down, it's fast enough for me...

> impression that this wasn't going to work for awhile; at least until
> 2.6. I admit I haven't looked at ACPI in a couple months, but last time
> I looked, they were projecting that suspend./sleep wouldn't happen any
> time soon.

Well, there is no use in doing Suspend-to-disk when you have a system
capable of doing this in a sane way as swsusp hopefully does ;)
Interrupting the OS and forcing it to hibernate via BIOS is kind of
broken by design IMHO...
And Suspend-to-RAM is kind of weird, too... As far as i can see, the
difference between sleep and StR is that devices are powered down
instead of put to sleep; so after waking up they need to be properly
reinitialized - i don't think many device drivers do that properly...
and it might need a lot of software support, too.
So it's the much more difficult than sleep (where i guess that Hardware
is supported to keep it's state by themselves)


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