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Re: ACPI suspend/resume

> Does anyone know how to make acpi suspend and resume my laptop?

Did you read any ACPI docs?
echo 1 > /proc/acpi/sleep
should do the trick.
But this will *sleep* only.
ACPI does NOT support suspend-to-disk, only suspend-to-ram (still
needing power!!)

> have attempted to use the software-suspend function in the latest
> kernel, but writing the 512M of memory to swap takes too long, and I
> haven't been able to get a successful resume yet amnyway.

Well, suspend done by BIOS will take much longer, as it also has to
write memory to the disk. But it needs to write the complete memory
(swsusp does not) and it needs to do that in BIOS mode, thus much much
slower... i guess a real system bootup is much faster than a restore
from disk in BIOS mode...

> (I'm using 2.5.31).

well, i'll stay with 2.4.18 for now.

> I'm also getting appallingly short battery life -- aoround 75minutes
> --- and suspect that the machine is always running flat out, not in
> any kind of power-saving mode.

I don't think any authomatic CPU throttling is yet supported, at least
not by the 2.4.x series without additional tools.

Did you read that "Tips on Notebook useage" page? Sorry, i don't have
the URL - about using noflushd and not using journaling?


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