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ACPI suspend/resume

Does anyone know how to make acpi suspend and resume my laptop?

I have a Clevo 5800P.  The BIOS configuration doesn't let me configure
any of this stuff (a Phoenix BIOS).  

If I compile the kernel with APM and not ACPI, then apm -s does
suspend the box, but there's no way to wake it up again.
If I compile the kernel with ACPI support, then /proc/acpi/events
contains button push events. but I don't know how to turn that into
proper suspend and resume operations.  I have acpid installed; and
have attempted to use the software-suspend function in the latest
kernel, but writing the 512M of memory to swap takes too long, and I
haven't been able to get a successful resume yet amnyway.

(I'm using 2.5.31).

I'm also getting appallingly short battery life -- aoround 75minutes
--- and suspect that the machine is always running flat out, not in
any kind of power-saving mode.

Dr Peter Chubb				    peterc@gelato.unsw.edu.au
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