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Toshiba CDT740


I just won a Toshiba 470CDT Pentium laptop on eBay. It has a 2G HD.

Am thinking of shrinking the Win98 installation down to a minimum and
partitioning so as to squeeze Debian on there. Alternately (if this is
possible), I'd like to go DOS only + Debian.

Has anyone done this, or any combination thereof, with this or a
comparable machine? Should I just wait until I can afford a laptop
with a larger HD?

Any problems I should be prepared for with this particular beast?

NB I live in Brooklyn NY and work in Manhattan. Got home a couple of
hours ago once the trains started opening back up. Many people I know
either worked in the WTC or saw the towers fall. Send your good
energies to this beleaguered island, if you can.


Glenn Becker

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