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Re: Dell Inspiron 8000 and Geforce2go

It is quite true that you need NVIDIA's own drivers and GLX package (I had
no success with the corresponding debian packages there). This driver
(downloaded it from the NVIDIA web site is not in binary format though,
but distributed as source code that I compiled against my own kernel code.
The only remaining problem is something NVIDIA warns you about out front:
You cannot exit X and restart it without rebooting your machine in
between. If you try to restart X, the machine will hang... So if you leave
X, you will have to shut down before you can use it again.

One more thing: You need to append a line reading:

options NVdriver NVreg_Mobile=1

to get this module inserted successfully! Two comments here: after you
edited your /etc/modules.conf to append this line, you will need a reboot
or some other means of making the module loader aware of the change you
just made to this config file. Second I found that upgrades of my testing
system routinely install (without asking or warning) new versions of this
file (/etc/modules.conf) over the old file, loosing the line I appended.
Luckily they move the old file to /etc/modules.conf~, but be advised to
make a safety copy.

Best of luck, Kai


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On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Philipp Zabel wrote:

> Hi Jonerik!
> > My only problem is the nVidia driver. I'm using XFree86 Version
> > / X Window System and the internal nv drivers won't work, so instead I'm
> > using the vesa drivers. Suffice to say, this doesn't make full use of my
> > hardware. Has anyone here had similar problems getting the nv drivers to
> > work?
> As far as I know, GeForce 2 Go is only supported by nVidia's own binary
> only drivers (1.0-1512, which work quite well for me).
> grusz
> pHilipp
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