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Re: Toshiba CDT740


I have a 740CDT I stuck a 8 gig drive in it with only Linux on.

But then again I do development on mine. I have 80 meg of ram as well.

No dos partion is required.  If I were you I might just change out the drive.

http://www.linux-laptop.net/toshiba.html is fairly accurate.

NOTE: The bios does not support the Fan. If you even think it's too hot use the fan utility and leave the unit open never close it even with an external screen on. You can nicely fry your drive if not.

The Toshiba cassette can mount any Toshiba drive nicely.

As the Tecra material says the dot clock is quite the balancing act. If you send a email to me at tecra740@j-microsystems.com I'll send my XF86config files I have to have different ones for the LCD and for a external screen.

Cheers John

At 02:20 PM 9/11/2001, Glenn Becker wrote:

I just won a Toshiba 470CDT Pentium laptop on eBay. It has a 2G HD.

Glenn Becker

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