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Re: [LCFC] po-debconf://fontconfig-2.4.2-1.2

Igor Stirbu wrote:

Mi-am permis să trimit traducerea în BTS în urma următoarei discuții pe #debian-i18n cu Christian Perrier:

<bubulle> eddyp: I urgently need to Romanian translation for openssl
<eddyp> bubulle: just a sec
<bubulle> eddyp: I found it in the d-l10n-romanian archives but attachments seem to be strangely held on lists.d.o and
thus I can pick it from the LCFC
<bubulle> s/can/can't
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<eddyp> bubulle: I forwarded the mail to you...
<bubulle> ok, thx
<eddyp> bubulle: next time use the l10nbot :-D http://www.tmlug.ro/traduceri/
<eddyp> the link is present on http://wiki.debian.org/L10N/Romanian  (under "Coordonarea traducerilor româneşti")
<eddyp> bubulle: thanks for caring
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<bubulle> eddyp: got it
<bubulle> no need to report as a bug unless you already did so...I'll forward the whole thing to Q_
<bubulle> more work coming for you guys...:)
<eddyp> no, I didn't (I wasn't planning to report, I grew to trust you to do the right thing in this kind of situation ;-) )
<bubulle> Q_: hmmm, actually, there's one step missing (which I added since I sent the call for updates): the "reminder"
<bubulle> Q_: 2 days before the deadline I send a reminder so that people with a missing translation can still react.
<bubulle> I should have done so on 27th bu being away, I couldn't. So I'll send it now and the final summary will reach
you in a few days
<bubulle> eddyp: because of ^^^^, I suggest you send the translation to the BTS...just in case I fall under a train as
we say here...:)
<bubulle> eddyp: fontconfig should be sent soon also
<eddyp> bubulle: that is ready, too
<eddyp> bubulle: do you want me to send it to you/BTS?
<bubulle> eddyp: to the BTS is fine
<eddyp> ok

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