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Re: [LCFC] po-debconf://fontconfig-2.4.2-1.2

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 04:58:16AM +0300, Igor Stirbu wrote:
> ># translation of ro.po to Romanian
> aici n-ar trebui să vină  # translation of fontconfig to ... ?
nu are nimic daca nu e, :-)

Teoretic ar trebui:

"The initial comments "SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE", "YEAR" and "FIRST AUTHOR
<EMAIL@ADDRESS>, YEAR" ought to be replaced by sensible information.
This can be done in any text editor;"

- sper sa nu fie prea tirziu. Fonturile e corect, 'font-urile' _nu_.

PS: cu sed o poti rezolva, din cite am remarcat doar fonturile sunt
scrise asa.

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