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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: devfs

Klaus Knopper wrote:
I tend to say "none" because you never know how big the next kernel will

ok, let's add a question: how must did we loose from 2.4.19 to 2.4.20?

With a very tiny bootlogo and minimal help files, there is currently 30kB,
which may be already gone in the next kernel release. Ane people keep
asking for more SCSI modules, firewire and USB compiled in to the

SCSI is an endless game on this. How much would we loose with USB or Firewire?

btw. just found 2 modules to drop:
we only need either usb-uhci.o or uhci.o (don#t ask me, which one is better)
The other is the usbmouse.o "USB HIDBP Mouse (basic) support" module. If both modules are loaded, the mouse can only move up and down...

Kai Lahmann

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