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Re: devfs, was Re: [debian-knoppix] bootsplash

Stefan Gybas wrote:
But the best example is CD ROMs and hard disks: They are always available as /dev/cdroms/cdrom* and /dev/discs/disc*, no matter if they are IDE, SCSI, USB or Firewire - or whatever there might be in the future.

yes - everything very nice. But the devices doesn't get updated, if you insert a Zip disk

You can remove CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS and all inodes in /dev on the initrd when it's working. I don't know if the final result is smaller or larger than what we have now but it's the cleaner approach for CD ROM detection IMHO.

we might win 66kbyte with the FPU, which might help. The kernel now is 908kbyte, afaik there nothing left. I thing somebody should try it - to find out, if it's possible at all.

Kai Lahmann

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