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Re: devfs, was Re: [debian-knoppix] bootsplash

On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 06:32:15PM +0200, Kai Lahmann wrote:
> Stefan Gybas wrote:
> >While you are making changes to the kernel configuration: Could you also 
> >enable CONFIG_DEVFS_FS? If you set CONFIG_DEVFS_MOUNT=n devfs will not 
> >be mounted automatically at boot time but can still be mounted by the 
> >user if he needs DevFS. The standard Debian kernels are configured this 
> >way and nobody has reported any problems so far.
> what's the use of it? I must say, I have sometimes problems with devfs 
> (just play with a Zip-Drive!).
> Not to mention the all-time-problem: where to get the diskspace?

Right, almost forgot about that one. In the case "normal device nodes"
vs. devfs, it should not be too much space, though. ;-)

-Klaus Knopper
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