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Re: devfs, was Re: [debian-knoppix] bootsplash

Kai Lahmann wrote:

what's the use of it?

You don't need to maintain /dev on the initrd. New drivers for the CD (like USB, Firewire, ...) are automatically added when your kernel supports them.

> I must say, I have sometimes problems with devfs (just play with a Zip-Drive!).

Well, I have a lot of USB devices on my desktop sytem (Palm, printer, scanner, memory key, digital camera) and handling them with devfs is a lot easier. It's also simpler for servers with SCSI devices.

But the best example is CD ROMs and hard disks: They are always available as /dev/cdroms/cdrom* and /dev/discs/disc*, no matter if they are IDE, SCSI, USB or Firewire - or whatever there might be in the future.

Like I said: you don't have to mount devfs if you don't want to use it. But please give people who want (or need) to use it a chance to do so without remastering Knoppix. You only have to add devfs=mount to the kernel command line once Knoppix's boot.img can deal with devfs names.

Not to mention the all-time-problem: where to get the diskspace?

You can remove CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS and all inodes in /dev on the initrd when it's working. I don't know if the final result is smaller or larger than what we have now but it's the cleaner approach for CD ROM detection IMHO.

Stefan Gybas

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