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mkvmlinuz, boot-loaders and powerpc kernels.

On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 11:21:56AM +0200, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> Sven Luther writes:
> > If you are really going to insist in doing it this way, i would
> > insist that we create at least a package containing a special
> > non-modular pegasos friendly config, in chrp friendly format.
> Again, we have reached a point where further discussion is fruitless.
> The question whether mkvmlinuz is Depends or Recommends or Suggests is
> secondary.  First, it has to be integrated properly into the
> kernel-image postinst, the postinst_hook is only a temporary solution
> after all.  Since Manoj wrote that postinst and you have the hardware
> to test it, the two of you should sort this out.  If you come up with
> a patch that Manoj doesn't want to merge, send it to me and I'll put
> it into the official kernel-image packages.

Well, i had a look at the kernel-package generated postinst again, and
the problem with this shows again. The bootloader is defined by
kernel-package at kernel creation time, which is definitively not going
to be doing the right thing for us, since we share the same kernel
package between different subarches with different kernel requirements.

One idea you had, Jens, was to write our own little script, provided by
mkvmlinuz or something else, which would then automatically be called by
kernel-package generated postinst for _all_ powerpc cases. This would be :

  pmac_oldworld -> quik
  pmac_newworld + chrp_yaboot -> yaboot
  other chrps + prep -> mkvmlinuz stuff.

Altough it should be possible to use both a mkvmlinuz solution and a
yaboot or quik solution on some of those boxes, this could be defined by
a debconf question on the powerpc-bootloader package or something, if
you don't want to pull mkvmlinuz in for all of those (but then, maybe it
could be provided by the same mkvmlinuz source package, not sure, or
mkvmlinux and this powerpc-bootloader package could come from a
powerpc-bootloader source package or something).

So, this bootloader script would be automatically called by the
kernel-package generated postinst, i can provide a patch for this, it
would be depended (or predepended ?) on by the resulting kernel-image
package, and at install time, detect the subarch, check the user
preference in the debconf database, and do the needed magic for it
working right.

Some kind of alternative dependency on yaboot | quik | mkvmlinuz would
take care of fullfilling the dependency, without allowing cruft to be
installed, at least without needing yaboot and quik where they are not
needed, or letting mkvmlinuz pull in the binutils dependency ? 

Manoj, can you comment on this issue, does this sound feasible for you ?
Jens, would that be an acceptable solution ? Any comment from other list
readers ?


Sven Luther

Does this seem reasonable ? 

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