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Re: powerpc kernel-patch 2.6.6-5 in incoming since over a month !!!

On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 12:30:41PM +0200, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> Dear Sven,
> > But in general, this is something that is not acceptable, and i hope
> > never happens again.  One week is still long for this sort of
> > things, but acceptable, but one month is definitively to long.
> TINC :)
> > I will send you a USB uhci fi later today,
> Cool.
> > basically, one could use the postinst_hook to call a little script
> > which calls itself mkvmlinuz.
> Yes.

Ok, i have written such a one, well it is fairly basic, and does : 

mkvmlinuz -k $2 -o /boot/vmlinuz-$1

$2 is the path to the kernel, and $1 the version.

Mmm, we should probably check $1 to make sure it is a initrd kernel or
something such, and in particular not wonder about the 2.4 kernels for
now, but i have intentions of initrding them too, once the 2.6.[67]
kernels work fine.

> > Now, the question is, how do we automatically add the postinst_hook to
> > kernel-img.conf,
> I don't think we are allowed to fiddle with /etc/kernel-img.conf at
> all, since it doesn't belong to us.  In fact, it doesn't belong to any
> package.

Well, if we are not allowed to do it, then we can forget about automatic
installation of non yaboot using subarches kernel. Also, this file is
generated by yaboot-installer on a new install.

> > which package would provide the script,
> We already have mkvmlinuz.

Yep, but this script could also be contained in the kernel packages or
something such.

> > and where do we test for when it is needfull to generate such a
> > file.
> There already is a warning in NEWS.Debian.  We could move this to the
> postinst and output it if the subarch matches - similar to the current
> handling of a missing do_initrd=yes line if an initrd kernel is
> installed.  But then again, some people don't even bother to read a
> warning that passes by during postinst, so maybe this should be part
> of the debconfiscation of kernel-package.

A debconf question in the mkvmlinuz postinst would be the way to go, in
my opinion, since mkvmlinuz would already be postinsted when the
kernel-image is postinsted, not sure though, maybe the kernel-image
should pre-depend on mkvmlinuz then or something such.

Also, i believe that a mkvmlinuz debconfed question would be in order
anyway. It should : 

  1) detect the subarch you are on.
  2) depending on subarch, propose to run mkvmlinuz or not.
  3) if the user chooses mkvmlinuzization, add the postinst_hook to the
  /etc/kernel-img.conf file. 
  4) maybe warn or something if kernel-img already contains a

Well, the real problem would be handling of this file by multiple
users/packages, Manoj, could you give us your opinion on this ?

> > prep is not yet supported, or did you change that recently).
> Unfortunately, it turned out that most of the boxen I picked up are
> not PReP but MCA.  And I haven't had time to look at the Thinkpad 860
> yet.


> > Well, 2.6.7 packages would be cool,
> The preliminary packages can be found in the usual location,
>  deb http://www.theorie.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~jens/kernel-patch-powerpc ./
>  deb http://www.theorie.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~jens/mol-modules ./

What about the kernel-source ones ? 

> They are currently based on linux-2.6.7.tar.bz2 from kernel.org with
> all Debian patches applied, which means the tainted drivers are still
> included.  Before I can upload anything, I need a kernel-source-2.6.7
> package or at least a prune script.


> > especially since they fix a security bug,
> Only for i386 and amd64.

Ah, ok, no problem then.

> > and thus should replace the 2.6.6 kernels quickly enough,
> IMHO, 2.6.6 should be replaced by 2.6.7 as quickly as possible in any case.


Sven Luther

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