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Re: OT: tinyurl and security [Was: Re: KDE 3.4 conflics with Gnome 2.10]

Am Mittwoch 11 Mai 2005 19:02 schrieb Matej Cepl:

> <OT>
> just a thought: is there anything to make tinyurl.com more secure? I mean,
> how do I know that this URL doesn't lead to some XXX site, which would
> instll tons of porn, take over my computer and send an obscene message to
> the pope Benedict XVI. in my name (of course, it wouldn't be that bad
> because Konqueror and Linux wouldn't allow it to be so wild, but I hope you
> get the idea)?
> </OT>

You always could create a similar service that also makes a screenshot of the 
linked site and asks if you want to proceed. Does not filter out porn, but at 
least the ActiveX-Abuse is not that easy.

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