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Re: Program association weirdness (Was: Re: Please confirm: io-slave issue with kate editor)

On Monday 24 January 2005 01:36, Frans Pop wrote:
> Note that my report _only_ pertains to menu items in the 'Debian' submenu
> (and maybe even only non-kde items in that).
> My tests have always been with Fortune (in Debian->Apps->Text).
> Try adding '-a' after '/usr/games/fortune' in its Command: line (or, more
> visible, add '-n 80 -s', which should result in only fortunes shorter
> than 80 characters to be displayed).

I don't have fortune, but I tried with Xedit, and the change was not saved. So 
it seems like there is a problem.. However it is kind of hard to see where 
the connection is with my problem.


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