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Re: Please confirm: io-slave issue with kate editor

El Domingo 23 Enero 2005 21:53, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen escribió:
> When I open a file over an io-slave like fish, using kate or kwrite, the
> file is downloaded to a temporary local file and then opened.
> The expected behavior is that kate opens the file remotely, not using a
> local copy at all. This behaviour is what people using other distros
> (slackware, gentoo) are seeing, but it is not what happens with my unstable
> installation.
> This is a rather annoying issue, since any local copy will be deleted by
> default after use, causing kate to be rather confused when the file has
> suddenly gone missing. Also it prevents kate from updating the remote file
> when you press save (because it will think you are working on a local
> file), which makes using an io-slave remote connection rather pointless.

I only can soy latest unstable works correctly. I have tested kate, kwrite and 
ark. localhost with fish and ftp.

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