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Re: Please confirm: io-slave issue with kate editor

Am Montag, 24. Januar 2005 00:30 schrieb Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> On Monday 24 January 2005 00:23, Matías Costa wrote:
> > I only can soy latest unstable works correctly. I have tested kate,
> > kwrite and ark. localhost with fish and ftp.
> The problem isn't kate. Kate works fine, as I confirmed with one of it's
> developers earlier. The problem is with the program associations. Somehow
> the menu is messed up so it doesn't pass the right options to the command
> line, and you can't save the association either.

There are also problem with other application:
open a website in konqueror and then choose
File->Open with Mozilla Firefox

That will NOT open the URL in Firebox but a local copy of the html file. You 
can imagine the bad results.
At least with this thread, I found the cause:
In the .desktop file, the line
should be changed to
Exec=firefox %u
and the URL opening work again.
BTW: I had no problems with current Sarge to do this with kmenuedit.
See also bug #290132

However, doesn't that somehow prove that kmenuedit and the %u parameter works 
as expected?
And indeed: the problem only comes up with the "open with..." menu item. If 
you simple click to open the file, be it kate or kwrite, it just works.
I somewhat doubt that the cause for this is the menu system...


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