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Re: Trouble with keyboard definition ...

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:17:40 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:

>On Wednesday 19 January 2005 23:51, Hervé Piedvache wrote:
>> I have a problem ... I have defined in KDE to use the "US" keyboard (I
>> have tried several US/English definitions)... and choosed Toshiba
>> keyboard (I'm using KDE v3.2) ... it's running quite good except the
>> fact that I have some keys like @, # or ' wich are close to the Enter
>> key on my keyboard (physicaly), but to get the @ I need to use Shift+2
>> ... so not the normal physical keyboard definition ... :o(
>Well, Shift-2 _is_ the normal position for @ on an US keyboard.
>So although your keyboard may be QWERTY, it is _not_ US...

[to Hervé] : and Shift_' is the normal position for @ on a UK QWERTY
keyboard, with Shift_2 being the UK position for " .... so if that's
what you've got, (" and @ swapped over) then maybe the keyboard is a
UK keyboard.

Sounds like a UK keyboard to me - I get your symptoms when I use a UK
keyboard with a US keyboard map.

Nick Boyce
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