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Re: debian/watch file for OpenJDK (was Re: Debian distributions of stable OpenJDK updates)

On Tue, 28 May 2019, Tiago Daitx wrote:

> They only provide tarballs for official releases, so one would find


> And compared to the "previous" way of updating openjdk-11 (ie. running
> "debian/rule get-orig") it won't clear up the tree from some system
> libraries - I don't find that to be a problem for builds, in all the
> tests I did the libraries don't get used due to the configure flags we

It’s easy enough to get uscan to generate a new origtgz that
excludes them from the download. I recently did so in some
package I inherited where we all *thought* the thirdparty
convenience libraries were not used, only to find that one
of them’s headers was still used, which incidentally was a
licence compatibility issue, too…

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