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OpenJDK 8 watch file

Hi All,

Starting a new thread here.  I know the Red Hat folks well (AdoptOpenJDK hosts their OpenJDK binaries for them from the source tarballs as previously mentioned).

So it sounds like getting the arm sources merged in (or at least kept in sync) would help?

As an FYI - the 'Official' AArch64 port for OpenjDK 8 (jdk8u) is actually https://hg.openjdk.java.net/aarch64-port/jdk8u-shenandoah

I'm not sure if this is where Debian was building from for that platform?

I'll try to chase down arm32/aarch32 - I don't think we're even building that at Adopt yet ourselves.


OpenJDK 8 is another beast and the openjdk-8 package has to track a
lot more repositories: the "root" openjdk repository, corba, 3 hotspot
repositories (1 for the oracle supported archs, 1 for armhf, another
one for arm64), jaxp, jaxws, jdk, langtools, hotspot, nashorn. And the
arm related hotspot repositories usually lag behind the official one
from a few days to a few months (specially aarch32 used for armhf), so
that can delay the release or require hotspot security patches to be
applied on top of the arm hotspot. That makes having a watch file for
it much harder since the OpenJDK 8 tarballs don't include the code for
the arm hotspots. Hopefully the arm repositories will be eventually
merged upstream now that RedHat is leading OpenJDK 8.

That said, sorry to side track the discussion, if anyone wants to
discuss openjdk-8 further I recommend doing that in a separated
thread. ;-)



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