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Re: Debian distributions of stable OpenJDK updates

On Fri, 24 May 2019, Martijn Verburg wrote:

> Is there anything we can do to help going forward?

An uscan (watch file)-compatible webpage where new formal releases for
all versions are announced, that is consistent, and whose URL doesn’t
change, would be appreciated, as someone already said in the other

>One thing that
> AdoptOpenJDK provides is a free test pipeline in it's build farm that could
> happily receive the Debian built binary and put it through 100,000+ tests
> and see if it matches what other OpenJDK providers are broadly producing,
> would that be of interest?

Not speaking authoritatively, but I’d think this could be a good thing,
as long as this would not mean that Debian is forced to produce results
100% identical to others (as some deviations e.g. from backporting some
security patches can be expected), but it’d be good to know them, and
perhaps fix those that are not deliberate. (But I’ll leave it to doko
or tony or so to speak authoritatively, also on what to test, since
there are multiple releases, backports sometimes from prereleases of
testing, sometimes from stable releases/stable-security…)

However, mind that Debian runs on more architectures than just x86/ARM:


Consistency inside Debian but across those architectures is also
important (also with the Zero VM, since Hotspot only exists for
a minority of architectures).

On Sun, 26 May 2019, tony mancill wrote:

> For the update to buster via testing-proposed-updates, I have prepared
> 11.0.3+7-4+deb10u1, which is simply your 11.0.3+7-4 package [2] targeted
> at buster via t-p-u and with the changelog updated to note that 11.0.3+7
> is the GA release from OpenJDK.  This will address the CVEs currently
> open against the version in buster.

Why was 11.0.4+2-1 uploaded to sid during the freeze anyway, if it was
not intended for buster?

That is the question I personally would like to be answered.

It does leave the way for t-p-u, sure… and that’s the way to go now,
but this could have been avoided.

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