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debian/watch file for OpenJDK (was Re: Debian distributions of stable OpenJDK updates)

Le 27/05/2019 à 18:32, Thorsten Glaser a écrit :

>> Is there anything we can do to help going forward?
> An uscan (watch file)-compatible webpage where new formal releases for
> all versions are announced, that is consistent, and whose URL doesn’t
> change, would be appreciated, as someone already said in the other
> thread.

+1, this is indeed an issue.

There is the Mercurial tags page [1] but unlike GitHub's tags pages it
doesn't play nice with uscan because the links are built with the hash
of the revision and not the value of the tag.

There is the AdoptOpenJDK Git mirror hosted on GitHub [2], but the tags
don't seem to match with upstream (no *-ga tags yet).

And there is the Oracle download page [3] which gives with some grepping
the actual release tag, but this is no longer a usable source since the
Oracle branch is now private (The current Oracle's tag for Java 11.0.3
is 11.0.3+12, this is not the OpenJDK 11.0.3 GA tag and it doesn't even
exist in the OpenJDK repository).

So far I used to parse the Oracle website in a PHP page [4] and output
uscan compatible links. But once the Oracle branch goes private it's no
longer usable.

So yes, an official release page would be really nice. Such a page would
have to contain uscan friendly links to the source tarballs of the
latest releases. For example:


Emmanuel Bourg

[1] http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk-updates/jdk11u/tags
[2] https://github.com/AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk-jdk11u/tags
[4] http://java.debian.net/checkjdk.php

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