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AW: AW: AW: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

ok, maybe here in Germany the ISPs for customer DSL and so are not "typical", but from every ISP I know here, who delivers customer access as his core business, has one or more datacenters with "some" servers inside. minimum a servercount with 4 digits. But every of them provides hosting features too, I do not know any ISP, who didnt have any type of hosting. But I will be proud if you could provide me some examples, where my assumption is totally incorrect (means a provider with only a handful own servers).

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That's an extremely poor assumption. If your core business is delivering
DSL, T1, T3, SONET, Metro Ethernet or whatnot and no hosting (or you
outsourced your mail/hosting to someone like AT&T does to Yahoo) you
aren't going to be dealing with hard drives in that volume. Is that not
an ISP?

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