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AW: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

Why tying to use this tools? Smartmontools and a badblocks test is good for every type of diagnostics. maybe hdparm for some more tests. Booting a sysrescd and you have all of them together. There is no need for the WD tools. Ok not nice to hear about that fact, that WD did not support any other OS, but I my opinion thats nothing to concern about.

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Gesendet: Samstag, 7. August 2010 13:51
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Betreff: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

We recently put two Western Digital 2Tb drives in a system we were
building. Suspecting a problem, we tried to run the Western Digital
standalone diagnostics on the drive (note: this was before Linux - or
any other operating system - was installed). Upshot: the diagnostics for
those drives only run under Windows.



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