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Re: AW: Heads up: no standalone diagnostics for latest WD drives

On 8/7/10 6:59 AM, Robert Menger wrote:
> but then hopefully, they use as basic an OS, that could be booted via PXE. Any other is useless IMO. I know the seatools for example, they are not useful for ISP level operation, to test thousands of drives, because it fails while booting over network and there is no possibility for scripting and automation. Because of that, a specialized sysrescd or similar is a very good way to test the drive fitness when you have more than only a few drives to test.
> And when bb fails, then there is no question about the tool. Only about the hardware. Controller, cabeling, port settings, hdd.
> and as ISP you didnt have only drives of WD, have you? So a tool, which can test other manufactures too, is in my opinion much better than a special tool of the manufacturer itselfs. That was the point, Im talking about.
> Or have you only a few drives to test? Because this is the ISP list. And ISPs normally have tens of thousands hard drives to test, like in our case.

So you can only qualify as an ISP if you have tens of thousands of drives?


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